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Shreveport PC House Calls LLC is a locally owned and operated IT services company serving Shreveport, Bossier City, and the Ark-La-Tex. We offer fast, quality service to our customers and stand behind our work. In business since 2008, we offer on site computer, printer, network infrastructure, including data and voice wiring, and security camera services. Our partner company offers web hosting and web design services.  


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We offer fast and dependable on site computer repair. In your home or office we can provide solutions for

Don't let your business come to a sudden halt due to a broken printer.

Scheduled maintenance and regular


Shreveport PC House Calls provides structured data and voice cabling solutions for your business.

any issue with your laptop or desktop computer. Don't let those big box service counters take your computer and charge you outragous prices while your machine is sitting in line at the store waiting to be repaired. With Shreveport PC House Calls you book an appointment, we come to your site, and you can sit and watch while we diagnose and repair your machine. In most cases your repair is completed when we leave.

cleaning can solve many problems before they start. A clean printer does not wear its internal parts as fast. Rollers stay cleaner and last longer, sensors don't get damaged and fail, and parts that get hot, such as the fusor, do not get damaged or coated in dust and dirt. Meanwhile, your documents look clear and crisp when your printer is clean and properly maintained.

It is one of the most commonly overlooked, but most important parts of your network infrastructure. Without proper cabling your network cannot run at its full potential. Even with the best equipment in place, improper data cabling can cause network problems like increased latency and unnecessary packet retransmission that causes network congestion, data corruption, and crosstalk to name a few.